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Feedback from our clients

Good evening Alex. I have been more than satisfied with the service I received from yourself and Cobb Amos, selling my family home that was built by my family was a big decision and even today upon completion I was quite sad at letting it go, I had mixed emotions whether to market it or not and when first speaking to Stephen I felt he realised that and told me to give it consideration with no pressure from yourselves The sale took longer than expected but that was down to the buyer rather than anything you or I have done. When I initially looked for an agent your website caught my eye and the fact that the phone was answered during the initial lockdown made me think business was your top priority!! If I decide to sell anything else I will definitely use you again. Thank you once again.
More than satisfied with the service
Indeed what a relief we got there in the end...so pleased the completion is all done and dusted. Please pass my thanks to the buyers too as they were very patient in the matter too. You guys all made the process too easy for us...and really did go above and beyond in helping to get different matters sorted and we really. Very very grateful. We recommend you to everyone who mentions they need an agent. Thank you and I will hopefully be in to see you all in the near future.
Made the process easy for us
Just wanted to huge thank you for all your help selling our property. You have all been fantastic and very professional. The best estate agents in Hereford without a doubt!
Best estate agent in Hereford without a doubt
Thank you so much for this and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts. Somehow since just talking to you I have had a lightness of step with no worries about anything plus I have been able to sleep as well. I think you have a rare gift in that you are able to offer sound advice with the ability to put everything into context and finally offer a sensible solution, on another level you radiate compassion, understanding and empathy.
Appreciate all your efforts
We found you the most proactive estate agent in this area who followed up on visits unlike a lot of other agents. Coming from Reading, where agents are a lot more aggressive, the gentle but inclusive approach of Cobb Amos as a buyer was excellent.
Gentle and inclusive approach
Stephen Saunders is a credit to your company. He has gone out of his way to always be helpful and take time to explain matters. I feel he gave us over and above the standard service throughout our difficult purchase. My experience of Cobb Amos has always been positive
Experience always very positive