Let's move to Leominster...

Pronounced “Lemster”, this historical market town in Herefordshire sits at the confluence of the River Lugg and the River Kenwater.

It’s one of the most idyllic locations in Herefordshire, and here’s why… 

It’s a famous location

Known as the antiques treasure trove of the UK, with over 120 sellers, Leominster has garnered TV stardom from shows such as Antiques Road Show, Bargain Hunt and Grand Designs. However, this beguiling market town retains its charming down-to-earth feel, with a unique mix of independent shops and medieval Georgian and Tudor architecture. 

Lying at the centre of Mortimer Country, the castles and historical buildings in the bordering countryside have a fascinating history with a wide range of stories about the area’s dramatic past. 

Wigmore Castle Photo credit: Paul Farmer

You can get a locally brewed organic cider

After walking around the Leominster town’s circular 4.5km Riverside Walk, you can enjoy a locally brewed organic Newton Cider, an award-winning traditionally crafted apple cider which is stocked in pubs throughout Herefordshire.

There’s no better way to enjoy a summer day or a family BBQ than with one of Newton’s fragrant and fruity elderflower ciders, and in the colder months curl up by the fire in one of Leominster’s stunning and beloved local pubs with a deep and complex bold oak cider, or even a warming gin. 


Croft Castle. Photo credit: Sir Gawain

It has a rich history

Hidden away from the centre of the town is a couple of historical gems. Grange Court is one of the many timberframed iconic houses scattered around Herefordshire, built by the 17th century craftsman John Abel known as the King’s Carpenter. Admire the intricate design and carvings which make these houses so special. 

The Leominster Priory Church is another fascinating historic building found at the heart of the cultural district of the town, it’s a beautiful spot which is home to the last ducking stool used in England. Learn all about the fascinating history of Jenny Pipes, whose inspiring story involving the ducking stool still inspires the local women’s Morris Dancing troupe today, who named themselves after her in tribute. 

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